Amulsar: Expert Opinions, Analysis and Articles


Here you can become familiar with various expert opinions, analysis, articles and videos regarding the Amulsar gold mine published during different time periods. The list will be updated regularly by us and will include materials proposed by you on this subject.

1․ Hidden dangers of Lydian International’s gold mine. Cyanide –

2․ Why Amulsar should not be exploited? –

3․ –

4. 10 Reasons Why Amoulsar Should Not Be Strip-Mined –

5. Amulsar Project May Lead to Acidic Disaster in Sevan –

6. Why Lydian Keeping Silence, Sevan to Experience Fate of Acidic Lake?! (Photos) –

7. Amulsar: even “responsible” mining is destructive – Dr. Anahid Shirinian-Orlando –

8․ Open Letter to “Geoteam” Company from Residents Concerned with Future of Gndevaz and Vayots Dzor –

9․ Amulsar Mine Dust Can Get Spread Over 30 Km Distance –

10․ Jermouk Development Center Co-Prez – “Amulsar gold mine must be shut down” –

11. They are now begging the Diaspora for money to exploit Amulsar mine –

12․ Time for Armenia to choose: Mining for Development or Systematic Plunder? –

13․ 100 Million $ Gift to Amulsar Gold Mining Project of Lydian International Company from Armenian Government –

14. Meeting of CAO/IFC with SOS Amulsar Group in Yerevan –

15. Exploitation of gold mine in Amulsar will result in dangerous reactive waters flowing into Sevan lake – Dr. Armen Saghatelyan –

16. Unsustainable Projects in Armenia: Case of Amulsar Gold Mining by Lydian International –

17․ Amulsar mine and vague future of Jermuk according to Lydian –

18. Sevan and Jermuk as Amulsar Gold Project Price –

19. Open Letter To the Yerevan Office of the World Bank: No More New Mines in Armenia, including the Amulsar gold mine –

20. Letter to Government: Amulsar Project Implementation Annuls Implementation of Jermuk Development Plan –

21. Launch of Amulsar Construction Is End to Little Armenian Switzerland-Jermuk –

22․ Attempts to silence those who voice risks of Amulsar gold mine –

23. British Company to Turn Jermuk Into Workers’ Residence as Part of Mining Project –

24. Lydian Explaining Why They Resorted to Police –

25. A letter of anger and hope –

26. A Petition has Started on against the Gold Mine Exploitation in Amulsar (with updates) –

27. No Criminal Case Initiated on PEF Member Levon Galstyan Based on Complaint Filed by Lydian Armenia –

28. Are Lydian’s Claims Regarding Amulsar Mine and Cyanide Facility Valid? –

29. Hostages of Amulsar Gold Mine –

30. Opponents to Mining in Amulsar Held a Protest Action in Front of the Governmental Building –

31. Amulsar Mine: It is absolutely unacceptable to endanger Lake Sevan for any gold in the world (video, CivilNet) –

32․ Armenian Environmentalists in Uproar Over Government Plan to Replant Endangered Flora at Amulasr Gold Mine –

33. Hydrogeologist: If Jermuk Mineral Waters Disturbed, Jermuk Will Disappear –

34․ “Amulsar” section in

35. Mining Tourism? An Open Letter –

36․ Famous soprano Hasmik Papian joins the petition for stopping mining in Amulsar –

37․ “Responsible” Plunder of Nature: Problems Covered up by Lydian Regarding Exploitation of a Mine in Amulsar –

38․ Is Aurora Compatible with Amulsar Mining? Open letter to Ruben Vardanyan and Noubar Afeyan –

39․ Armenia: before the goldrush: Amulsar –

40․ Environmentalists Stage Protest Over Exploitation of Amulsar Gold Mine –

41․ Connect the dots between philanthropists and miners –

42․ February 16, Court Hearing Around the Claim to Cancel Amulsar Gold Mine Project –

43․ Armenian Environmentalists Protest Ameriabank’s Financing of Amulsar Gold Project –

44․ Catastrophe écologique en Arménie, pour une mine d’or –

45. DOSSIER : Main basse sur l’or dans le sud de l’Arménie, qu’en est-il pour la population ? –

46. Gold mining under criticism

47. Technical gaps and problems of Amulsar mine project: interview with chemical/ecological engineer Harout Bronozian (USA) –

48. Amulsar Gold Mine Exploiter Denies Health Insurance to Residents of Nearby Village –

49. Gndevaz Residents Demanding Guarantees For Amulsar Damages –

50. Georgian Government Against ‘Lydian': Company Adventures in Georgia –

51. Plaintiff on Amulsar Case to Submit Independent Experts’ Opinion on Mine EIA –

52. Free Condoms for EBRD – one of the Investors of the Amulsar Gold Mine (video) –

53. At Lydian skills to persuade are more important than professional experience –

54. Amulsar: Letter to the Board of Directors of the World Bank COO and VPs of the International Finance Corporation –

55․ According to international acclaimed experts gold project in Amulsar should not start։ What has Lydian hidden and what the Armenian government has been “unaware” of –


Armenian Environmental Front (AEF) civil initiative

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