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Armenian Environmental Front (AEF) civil initiative

Address: Yerevan, Spendiaryan 5, apartment 24

Tel.: +374 10 53 05 88, +374 91 534959, +374 93 534959



How to Join Us

Currently AEF has four working groups which anyone can join. For joining the groups, please fill in an online form. Below is the short description of the groups, as well as contacts of coordinators of each group.

Group 1. Detection and Monitoring of Environmental Problems

  • study risks and negative impacts of people’s economic and other activities on environment, carry out monitoring in areas such as mining, water resources, lake Sevan, forests, energy, specially protected areas of nature, Red Book, ecology and population’s health etc,
  • involve other coordinators in these activities,
  • present the results of monitoring and solutions to the public and state bodies.

Coordinator: Levon Galstyan (

Facebook page –   Լևոն Գալստյան

Group 2. Eco-education, Public Relations

  • prepare and realize activities that will increase population’s ecological awareness
  • involve local population in activities such as tree planting, waste collection, etc
  • organize public events,
  • train about environmental issues, such as mining, forests, hydro-power plants, Sevan etc,
  • involve public figures, increase ecological awareness through cultural events,
  • collect emergency cases, analyse them, present solutions, make an archive of these cases,
  • follow environmental news published by state bodies and media,
  • involve media and journalists,
  • spread press releases,
  • translate and share environmental news,
  • connect with organizations in diaspora as well as environmental global organizations,
  • create news database,
  • carry out interviews, videos etc.

Coordinator։ Mariam Sukhudyan (

Facebook page – Մարիամ Սուխուդյան

Group 3. Green Squad

  • immediately react to violations and emergency cases,
  • record the violation (take a photo, video etc),
  • calls corresponding state bodies and media,
  • prevent violation of environmental law,
  • undergo regular physical training.

There is no coordinator yet. We welcome anyone active and with some spare time joining this group.

Group 4. Legal group

  • study of environmental laws and regulations and presentation of solutions,
  • provide accessible information, as well as public’s engagement in decision making processes,
  • participate in environmental impact assessments and environmental expertise, ensure public oversight, present experts’ opinions,
  • reveal corruption risks, present corresponding notification to the law enforcement bodies and media.

There is no coordinator yet. We welcome anyone with legal background joining this group.

We also plan to have regional representation

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