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Protection of Environment is Protection of Armenia. We are responsible for ourselves, for future generations and for nature.

We are a group of Armenians who witness fast eco-colonization of Armenia through foreign capital and local oligarchy that ruthlessly and expansively exploit natural resources. This results in irrevocable loss of nature, social enslavement of particularly village residents, as well as migration. We therefore ring an alarm about devastation and poisoning of our environment which in its turn presents Armenia with risks such as eco-colonialism and eco-migration. The situation however can be improved by uniting for the purpose of protecting our environment. Armenian Environmental Front (AEF) has been created for this goal.

The purpose of AEF is therefore the protection of environment, as well as ensuring social justice through harmonious development with nature. For realizing these goals, AEF oversees the work of governmental bodies that are responsible for protection and recovery of nature. AEF also oversees processes related to the sensible use of natural resources and its reproduction, as well as prevention and elimination of negative outcomes of economic and other activities on environment. AEF also strives to work for just distribution of outcomes of natural resource usage that benefits the overall society.

For realizing these goals, AEF works towards creating a network that will organize and coordinate environmental monitoring and other activities. These activities will be carried out with principles of lawfulness, transparency, accountability and reasonableness.

AEF has a group of coordinators among whom are Anna Shanzaryan, Ani Khachatryan, Arpine Galfayan, Mariam Sukhudyan, Levon Galstyan.

AEF has four working groups which you can join. For joining any of these groups, you should fill in an online form. The description of these groups as well as the form can be found here.

Armenian Environmental Front (AEF) civil initiative

+374 99 530 588 (WhatsApp), +374 93 816 714, Skype: armecofront

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