Amulsar: Alternative Public Expertise On December 12

On December 12 at 10:45 am – 14:00 an environmental meeting will be held, during which industry experts and environmentalists will examine the issues that are being ignored by the Armenian government and responsible state bodies in connection with the possible exploitation of the Amulsar gold mine.

The topics of the meeting are:
– dissemination of acid drainage and heavy metals,
– Effects on Jermuk mineral waters and tectonics;
– Legal issues,
– Ecological and economically unsound and presence of radioactive elements;
– myth of international standards;
– Reports from international independent experts,
– other issues.

The format of the meeting is to make alternative assessments, it is intended for interested citizens concerned, professionals and especially the media. The meeting is not a debate, but an attempt to make informative commercialized and promotional content audible, as such votes are silenced by the private sector.

Themes will be presented.
Armen Saghatelyan – Doctor of Geological-Mining Sciences, Professor
Hakob Sanasaryan is a chemist
Nazeli Vardanyan – Lawyer
Seyran Minasyan – Candidate of Chemical Sciences
Shahen Khachatryan – Candidate of Geological Sciences, Associate Professor
Sofia Manukyan – researcher, environmentalist
Anna Shahnazaryan – Environmentalist
Levon Galstyan – geographist, geomorphologist

After each presentation there will be a question and answer, and in the end, the participants of the meeting will also have short speeches.

Location: Aviatrans Hotel, Yerevan Yerevan, Abovyan 4
Language: Armenian
For questions, call: 091 53 49 59, 093 81 67 14

Armenian Environmental Front (AEF) civil initiative

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