Residents reject mining future

On the 1st of December (2017) second public hearing was to be held in Mghart village of Odzun community (Lori region). The hearings were regarding the initial assessment of geological research in 2017-2020 on Shekaghbyur gold-multi metal mine site by “Miram” LLC. Residents from Mghart, Ardvi, Odzun, Aygehat, Arevatsag present in Mghart village prevented the hearing from taking place and for the second time rejected the possibility of carrying out geological research and mining activities giving preference to cleaner economic alternatives for their communities.

Back in July (26th) Ardvi residents, whose community is at immediate impact zone in case a mine is exploited here, expressed their opposition to research and possible mine exploitation preventing the first hearing from taking place.

Prior to this Ardvi residents initiated a petition against this mine project. Back then and now Ardvi and other community residents highlight that this project threatens main water resources and the pasture lands. Ardvi residents also wrote an open letter to MPs from Lori region and the prime minister.

Mghart residents present at the protest organized on the 1st of December also opposed this mining projects reminding their own experience. As a result of mine project by “Multi Grup” LLC in Mghart, the residents here have problems with water access now. Therefore to prevent a similar problem from occurring in Ardvi, Mghart residents supported Ardvi residents.

Eventually, a protocol was prepared expressing the opposition to the research and possible mine exploitation which was signed by the head of Odzun community Arsen Titanyan. The protocol is to be sent to the Minister of Nature Protection Artsvik Minasyan and Head of “Environmental Impact Assessment Expert Center” SNCO Vardan Sahakyan.

Photos of signing the protocol and its text below:



Content of the protocol: “Residents of Mghart, Ardvi, Aygehat, Odzun, Arevatsag present in Mghart are opposed to implementation of Shekaghbyur project and prevented public hearing from taking place. On December 1st of the current year, at 12.00 p.m. second public discussion on geological research in Shekaghbyur gold-multi metal mine site planned to be held in Mghart of Odzun community in Lori region did not take place.” Signed and sealed.

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