Open Letter Urging for Waste Recycling was Sent to Yerevan Municipality and European Institution

On 4th of December 2017 a letter calling for including waste recycling component in the new landfill construction project was sent to Yerevan Municipality, Armenia’s Government, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development,  European Investment Bank and several other European institutions. The letter was joined by many organizations, initiatives and individuals.

Content of the letter bellow:

To: Yerevan Municipality , European Investment Bank, Republic of Armenia’s Government, EU Neighbourhood Investment Tool, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

According to the agreement signed with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in 2015, Yerevan Municipality plans to build a new landfill, where waste recycling component, however, is missing. The project is funded with grants and loans by European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, European Investment Bank and several other European institutions. It is planned to construct landfills in Yerevan as well as in nearby regions.

According to information provided by the European Investment Bank, the Yerevan Solid Waste Project concerns the construction of a sanitary landfill, closure of the existing unsanitary landfill and the implementation of waste diversion measures in the capital of Armenia and surrounding regions, serving a population of 1.9 million. The project is co-financed by a EUR 8 million EBRD loan with a EUR 1.9 million technical assistance grant, a EUR 8 million grant from the EU Neighbourhood Investment Facility (NIF), a EUR 2m grant from the Eastern Europe Energy Efficiency Environment Partnership (E5P) and a EUR 0.5m grant from the Municipal Project Support Facility (MPSF). The EIB is expected to provide up to EUR 14.6 million to support the project, depending on the financial needs to be identified by the procurement plan, with a first tranche of EUR 8 million loan signed in 2015 in support for the first phase of the project.

Although this project has a waste diversion component that may include separate collection equipment, recycling centres, material recovery facility and composting facility, the scope of this component is still under discussion with the Municipality of Yerevan.

Therefore we – citizens of Armenia, individuals, initiatives and organizations concerned with waste recycling, call on Yerevan municipality, Armenia’s government and all funders of this project to include the component of waste sorting and recycling in this and other landfill construction projects in Armenia, as well as to include the component of energy generation from landfill gasses, this way taking Armenia through greener and more sustainable path. After all economic benefits of this step cannot be measured only by direct financial incomes, since protection of health, prevention of pollution of water, air and soil and other long-term strategies are economically and socially more vital.

Organizations, initiatives

Armenian Environmental Front (AEF) civil initiative
Ecolur Informational NGO
Urban Foundation for Sustainable Development
Armenia Tree Project Charitable Foundation
Ecological Academy NGO
Centre for Community Mobilization and Support
“Blejan” Environmental, Social and Business NGO
Greens Union of Armenia
“Khazer” Ecological and Cultural NGO
Educational and Cultural Bridges NGO
“Toprak Petq Chi” civic initiative against plastic bags
Armenian Environmental Network NGO
“Shogher” Union NGO
“Eco Lab” Foundation for Active Citizenship and Sustainable Development
“Tree of Life” Environmental NGO
“We are the owners of our city” civic initiative
Armenian Camp NGO
Association for Sustainable Human Development

Citizens, individuals

Aram Avetisyan
Armine Martirosyan
Gohar Movsisyan
Diana Shahnazaryan
Lusine Chilingaryan
Jenny Tufenkjian
Siranush Baghdasaryan
Ashkhen Grigoryan
Arshaluys Davtyan
Diana Vardanyan
Ani Ghazaryan
Arthur Hovhannisyan
Mane Ghazazyan
Anahit Shirinyan
Lilit Melkonyan
Vehanoush Etyemezian
Mary Khachatryan
Lilit Gevorgyan
Azniv Mkrtchyan
Srbuhi Ghazaryan
Karine Vann
Narine Chukhuryan
Narine Mkhitaryan
Ada Antonyan
Lilit Harutyunyan
Anahit Takiryan
Zarouhi Tanielian Boshnakian
Karen Msryan
Narine Mkhitaryan
Mariam Davtyan
Naira Harutyunyan
Sonya Liermann
Davit Hakobyan
Janna Sargsyan
Regina Tyomkina
Aida Babayan
Hasmik Zarafyan
Armen Martirosyan
Shushan Grigoryan
Karine Hakobyan
Hasmik Papyan
Svetlana Hakobyan
Varduhi Aramyan
Laura Grenadin
Hasmik Aslanyan
Gohar Jrbashyan
Jaklin Nersisyan
Shushanik Asmaryan
Mariam Aramyan
Gayane Harutyunyan
Astghine Pasoyan
Hrachik Mirzoyan
Anahit Gevorgyan
Karen Avagyan
Naira Ghushchyan
Sona Harutyunyan
Lia Khojoyan
Larisa Markosyan
Marine Bagiryan
Anush Karapetyan
Armen Parsadanyan
Gayane Atoyan
Ruzan Kazaryan
Taguhi Margaryan
Yekaterina Logunova
Ruzanna Egnukyan
Sona Magakyan
Arpi Khachatryan
Varduhi Aramyan
Marine Petrosyan
Angela Galstyan
Ara Matevosyan
Syuzanna Boshyan
Arthur Baklachyan
Arthur Hovhannisyan
Susanna Sahakyan

Individuals, initiatives and organizations joined this letter by contacting us at emails and Facebook pages. Some of the signatories in Facebook can be found here

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