Mine in Amulsar, media and Lydian

Independent and comprehensive media coverage is among key missions of mass media. How do the Armenian media respect these principles with regard to Lydian and its Amulsar gold project. This poster presents a number of media outlets that have published numerous articles, analyses and videos on Amulsar gold project during the past few years, and all of them have solely presented the interests and opinions of the mining corporations.


In order to check this, you only need to go to the websites of those media and enter “Amulsar”, “Lydian” or “Geoteam” keywords in the “search” field. You will find hundreds of articles, interviews and videos, but you won’t be able to find a single piece covering the risks of the possible mine exploitation. Why is it so and does Lydian have anything to do with this? Much of the answer remains to be a guesswork; however, there are also undeniable facts of conflict of interest. For example, one of the above-mentioned media is employing a journalist who happens to also be employed at Lydian’s PR department.

All the media who have been busy with the PR of Lydian (former Geoteam) and its highly controversial Amulsar gold project share the responsibility of the devastating results of this project.

We call upon our fellow citizens to show your stances towards these media in various possible ways, such as sharing this information in social networks, writing comments to relevant articles on their websites and official pages, refusing to read and disseminate their media, lowering their ranking in social media, stopping financing these media through placing ads on their websites or otherwise, investigating their connections with the mining corporations, etc.

Sites of these media: Mediamax, Yerkir Media, GALA TV, Armenpress, Voice of America, 168hours, Armenia TV, Public TV, Yerevan.Today, ArmInfo,

Armenian Environmental Front (AEF) civil initiative

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