2015 Results of the Towards Eco-Community Program

2015 Results of the Towards Eco-Community Program.

36 beehives out of the 42 we provided are operating well and the new Lichk beekeepers were able to harvest 132 kg of honey this year. One participant’s 6 beehives collapsed but he promised to restore them during this upcoming spring. Following the terms of the program/contract, 10% of the honey produced is donated for community needs.

In May of 2014, 42 beehives were distributed to the Lichk community located in the Syunik Region through the project known as “Towards Eco-Community”. This project was initiated by a young student from a New York university named Lia Soorenian and actualized with the assistance and guidance of Pan-Armenian Environmental Front (PAEF). Seven families received a total of 6 beehives each along with all the necessary equipment and items needed to become successful beekeepers.

We wish all the beekeepers good luck and urge other communities to find sponsors and implement similar programs. And we call on our compatriots living abroad to independently participate in our rural development programs without relying on any one entity, especially governmental bodies.

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